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Rachael Fish 

Rachael is ClockWork’s resident Production Manager, facilitating all practical aspects of production from pre-production to delivery, as well as taking care to support crew wellbeing and mental health. In addition to this she has recently begun overseeing ClockWork’s exciting foray into international distribution.


Rachael has worked in the industry for over a decade, helping to create projects ranging from hard-hitting one-offs to high-volume multi-part series, including ‘Mystery of the Man on the Moor’ (Channel 4), ‘Pets Factor’ (CBBC), ‘Dispatches: Brexit Crisis on the Wards’ (Channel 4), ‘Shop Smart Save Money’ (Channel 5), and ‘A New Life In The Sun’ (Channel 4).  For ClockWork she has worked on ‘Princess Anne: The Plot to Kidnap a Royal’ (Channel 4), ‘Bend it Like Bollywood’ (BBC3), ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ (Channel 4) and a number of bespoke inserts for ‘The One Show’ (BBC1). 

In the spirit of ClockWork’s culture of inclusivity and diversity, and as a neurodiverse individual herself, Rachael is thrilled to be in a position to help foster a welcoming and inclusive working environment. 

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