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Heenan Bhatti

ClockWork Films has been set up by multi award-winning  film maker, Heenan Bhatti (BAFTA, RTS, Rose D’Or, Broadcast and Prix Europa), who has made prime time programming in all factual genres for a range of broadcasters. 

Series include: The Great British School Swap (C4), Make Bradford British (C4), Paul Merton in India (C5), Derren Brown Investigates (C4) and A Very British Wedding (BBC).


Single films include: 'The Real Gary Glitter' (C4), a study of the dark side of celebrity; 'God's Waiting Room' (C4), a film observing the work of a Muslim undertakers; 'The Lost Frescoes' (C4), following emergency restoration work on the world-renowned frescoes at the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi, Italy, after an earthquake; and 'Mission Impossible' (C4), documenting attempts by a team of forensic scientists to unearth a mass grave in Kosovo, during the Balkans conflict.

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